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The circular economy at the service of your development projects

You are the project manager

Minimize the environmental impacts and waste management costs of your projects while promoting reuse and having competitive eco-materials available. You are looking for assistance (AMO) to include the circular economy at all stages of your project, we have solutions that allow the reuse and recovery of significant flows of construction materials (major and secondary works), land and spoil (including polluted soil), dredged sediments, etc. to prepare them into aggregates for concrete, vegetated soils, roofing materials, composite products, materials for road engineering, etc.  

gear wheels

We support you to...

  • Quantitative and qualitative audit of deposits in order to identify their potential for reuse and recycling

  • Identification of the characteristics required for reuse and  the formulation of eco-materials

  • Research and evaluation of existing sectors and mobilization of the stakeholders concerned.

  • Support in the preparation and award of implementation contracts.

  • Operational monitoring of the implementation of the circular economy approach. Site supervision

  • Supporting design teams to maximize the share of reuse and secondary raw materials in construction materials and development projects


From a waste logic to a resource approach

In the circular economy model and in the vision that we bring to Neo-Eco, waste is considered as local resources intended to be reintegrated into local processes.

The intrinsic nature of an object or material is not modified by the transition to the status of waste which is a legal concept. The material retains its properties, the object can even still be functional. We apply the hierarchy of waste management methods below.




Energy recovery



No waste

Waste avoided

Use of waste as resources

Identification and revitalization of sectors

Development of eco-products/eco-materials

Actionable and co-constructed solutions

Aligning and exceeding regulatory objectives for waste recycling;

Concretely contribute to the positive image of the project leader

Waste recovery, reuse and recycling 

Reduction of placement in storage centers

Reduction in the need for raw materials of extractive origin

Reduction in carbon impact (CO2)

Creation of value


Optimization of waste management costs


Re-territorialization of jobs and know-how;





Our methodology

Resource diagnosis

Assessment of the potential and needs for reuse and eco-materials

Research and implementation of sector(s)

Assistance for project management

Coordination of project implementation

Our references


Reuse of as many materials as possible as part of the rehabilitation work on the old CPAM building.

Of construction

Support to define environmental excellence objectives and drafting of a clause for the attention of project owners.

Industrial wasteland

Implement a unique circular economy approach from 2017 for the reconversion of the historic 3 Suisses site.

Earth and spoil

SGP takes up the challenge of transforming 70% of the waste from the Grand Paris Express into a resource.

Selective deconstruction-ANRU

Implement a circular economy approach for the deconstruction of the emblematic city of Ivry sur Seine.

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