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We would like to thank the artists and graphic designers who have licensed their work under the Creative Commons BY 3.0 license. Below you will find the list of elements that we used to create this website. 

Factory By Giulia De Benedetto


Energy Conservation By KEN MURRAY, CA

Town By Made by Made, AU


Settings By Guilhem, FR


Fax By Gregor Cresnar


Telephone By dbogarova, SK


Cart By Alfa Design


Excavator By Delwar Hossain


Timer by Rohith M S


Calculator By Aleksandr Vector


Receive By Chameleon Design, IN


Key By il Capitano


Gregor Cresnar


Dave Gandy" 


Prosymbols by Flaticon


Zlatko Najdenovski


Smashicons by Flaticon


Smashicons by flaticon


Rocket launch by Freepik


Diamond by Freepik


Green vector creado by Dooder


Rotate By Hanan


Construction By Swifticons


Company Workers By Freepik


Compass  By Stanislav Levin, RU

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