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Guarantee the best material recovery

We are at the forefront of the recovery and reuse of used mineral and solid materials. Our expertise is based on a historically significant investment in research and development. Here are our areas of intervention: 


  • Circular economy consulting Anddevelopment of innovative eco-materials : We co-design with the territories and their partners circular economy strategies allowing the development of innovative and sustainable valorization sectors (Est Ensemble, Plaine Commune, Métropole Européennes de Lille, Leroy Merlin, Castorama, LFB etc.) 

  • Selective Deconstruction - Innovative Reconstruction : Our methodology makes it possible to go well beyond the national objective of 70% valorization of deconstruction products and creates an economic value far superior to traditional valorization sectors. 

  • Dredging sediments, sludge and incineration ashes : With more than twenty developed recovery sectors, we offer practical solutions for players such as Voies Navigables de France, HAROPA, the Ports of Dunkirk, the port of Toulon Méditerranée, Syctom de Paris, etc. 

  • Land and spoil : Depending on their potential, the materials are prepared and transformed into eco-materials to be recycled in the construction industry and land use planning (vegetated land, composts, dikes, etc.). 


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