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Study Metabolism Materials - IS TOGETHER


The objective of Est Ensemble is to be a resilient territory less dependent on external resources and less generating nuisance and waste. The numerous changes to come in the Est Ensemble territory, the schedule of development projects, the will of neighboring territories, are opportunities which offer a favorable context for structuring the establishment's action in favor of reuse and recycling of construction materials.

Material requirements

Waste deposits

Waste deposits and material needs assessed in the territory in 2020 and 2025.


Identification of material deposits at the scale of 12 priority neighborhoods NPNRU (New National Urban Renewal Program) and 10 ZAC (Concerted Development Zone) with the aim of building a sector for the reuse of construction materials.

  • Identify, quantify and locate deposits of materials and products

  • Target temporary land for the installation of experimental storage and treatment sites;

  • Have visibility into availability and material requirements calendars;

  • Identify potential inter-site synergies allowing just-in-time working;

  • Identify existing collection and treatment facilities in the territory;

  • Make these elements visible and spatialize using a cartographic tool;

  • Propose pilot projects.


10 districts NPNRU which represent more than3000 homes deconstructed.

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