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Support for the implementation of a circular economy approach - Lille European Metropolis  


META (Energy Pooling for Transformation and Development) is a GIE bringing together LMH and Vilogia, majority social landlords within the framework of the NPNU (New National Urban Renewal Program), supported by the MEL (European Metropolis of Lille).

The META has  was created in order to respond to the issues targeted by the MEL:  90% recovery of deconstruction materials, 15% reduction in deconstruction costs, integration of these resources into new operations. It aims to promote the circular economy in the region, to develop new sectors of reuse and recycling of materials, and to create local jobs.

The creation of a common platform will contribute to the operational implementation of the approach, thanks to a massification of flows (350,000 tonnes of materials over 10 years) and a logistical and temporal pooling of operations


Annual resource assessment


Modeling of the platform for reuse and recycling.


Implementation of a circular economy approach at different scales (development operation, operational sector, blocks), within the framework of the MEL’s NPNRU.

  • Carrying out the urban metabolism study: analysis of incoming/outgoing material flows, synergy between operations and actors in the value chain, financial and environmental diagnosis of the sectors; 

  • Territorial and societal feasibility study of a reuse and recycling platform; 

  • Socio-economic and environmental assessment of the platform in terms of profitability, GHG reduction, etc.;

  • Federation of all stakeholders: identification/mobilization/steering (AMI-Call for Expressions of Interest); 

  • Design/creation of the reuse and recycling platform; 

  • Support for project owners in the implementation of the DRI (Deconstruction Innovative Reconstruction) approach at the scale of their operations​; 

  • Formulations of eco-materials and environmental monitoring for reinjection into the territory to replace natural raw materials.


32 districts 

Deposit of
350,000 tonnes (min) of materials from the deconstructions planned over a period of 10 years.

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