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Visiting the CEMEX platform in Gennevilliers (92)

Live from the CEMEX site in Gennevilliers in Hauts-de-Seine (92): behind the scenes of sustainable construction 🟢

On March 6, our team visited the Cemex platform in Gennevilliers, delving into the heart of the sustainable practices that are shaping the future of construction materials.

🙏 A big thank you to Janina Baigus and Frederic Bernad for their welcome and the enriching discussions.

This visit allowed us to discover in depth the value chain at CEMEX, from reception to the valorization of materials:

→ The specifications for the recovery of deconstruction materials and their rigorous methods

→ Crushing processes for concrete recycling

→ The production tool, generating nearly 15,000 tonnes of type 1 aggregates per year, or around 50,000 m3 of recycled concrete

♻️ With a constantly increasing annual production of recycled aggregates and an environmental commitment via ISO 14001 certification and the REP PMCB system, CEMEX positions itself as a true pioneer of sustainability.

Thanks again to them for welcoming us: this experience strengthens our opportunities for synergies.

It is in these collaborations that the key to a sustainable future for the construction industry lies 🌱


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