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Creation of Eco-products: Self-compacting grout and prefabricated concrete for reservoir pavements (Hydrocyls) - SEDIMEL


Creation of a Prefabricated concrete for reservoir pavement (Hydrocyls) and aself-compacting grout* from Sediments from  European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) for car parks with reservoir roads on the  EMAIL.

*Self-compacting grout has a high fluidity and viscosity which allows it to be placed in complex geometric shapes, ideal for covering pipes.



Replacing the sand used in the manufacture of hydrocyls with sediments allows a reduction in production costs and the establishment of a sustainable sector for the valorization of sediments.


  • Quantification and qualification of the deposit of used materials (sediments);

  • Definition of the desired characteristics for self-compacting grout and precast concrete;

  • Study and Formulation;

  • Manufacturing of experimental boards;

  • Tests with our environmental monitoring tool;

  • Manufacturing of eco-materials;

  • Operational monitoring of the implementation of eco-materials in the MEL roadways/parking lots.

Preserved environment

20 to 30% of substitution


“Being in an approach not of elimination but of recovery also means generating a source of economy for the community. So we are in this dual approach, which is both economic and ecological, because in this case we are of course also an economy which is circular. »

Sébastien LEPRETRE, Deputy Vice-President for Sanitation of the MEL
Management of aquatic environments and flood prevention.

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