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Management of valorization platforms - Société du Grand Paris


The projects in the Plaine Commune territory, carried out by the Société du Grand Paris, concern 21 structures: 14 ancillary structures; ​ 5 stations (Saint-Denis Pleyel, Stade de France, La Courneuve, Aubervilliers Town Hall, Fort d’Aubervilliers); ​ 2 tunnel works.

The planned quantity of excavated material from the SGP works is 45,000,000 tonnes, including 3,680,000 in the Plaine Commune sector. The objective is to find outlets for this waste in SGP construction sites or in territorial projects, via waste recovery platforms.


Mapping of valuation platforms


Production of construction waste


Environmental monitoring tool


  • Characterization of the deposit, development and formulations of eco-products/eco-materials

  • Identification of platforms for the development of eco-products/eco-materials

    • Identification of platforms equipped with the required resources​

    • Workshops to explain the economic model​

    • Give the elements to help with the costing (Needs in preparation of excavated materials, substitution rate of raw materials) ​

    • Reassure about the need for outlets and the evolution of public procurement specifications​

  • Identification of needs on construction sites

    • Identification of inter-construction synergies with Grand Paris Express resources;

    • Definition of objectives in terms of reuse and recycling in order to fuel the “circular economy charter” signed in December 2019;

    • Translation of these objectives into tonnage of recycled materials to be injected into each project;

    • Creation of a listing of major development projects in Plaine Commune for which the material needs have been quantified and the tonnage of recycled materials to be injected according to the objectives.


45,000 T of excavated material

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